Back from Miami and the Keys to the never ending winter in this area.  An extended week with a lot of and good food, nice wines, even if we rarely go beyond the Pinot bottles. (Need to spend time with our favorite “wine couple”, M & C in Stockholm I think….) Lunches that starts with the thought of “OK I will just have a salad” – Ending with a starter, a bottle of rose, the salad and at least two or three shared desserts. A couple of hours later the same again, with the exception that desserts are not shared. For me a week like this is heaven – Food, family, old friends, newer friends, sunshine, and everything else around it is pure delight!


Ramps butter

Back in my own kitchen and after laying hand on a bunch of ramps/ramson (Finally they are here!) I decided to just do a simple dinner with ramp butter as the main excitement.

Rinse a handful of ramps and chop them up roughly. Blend with maybe 1/8 (1/4 dl) of a cup of your nicest olive oil, ½ a tsp. of sugar and a squeeze of lemon until smooth.

Beat butter (6 oz. /150 g should be good for an ad on for four persons) until fluffy and white. Add the blended ramps. Start with a large tbsp. and ad more if you like.

This butter is addictive! The beautiful color, the light smell of green spring and garlic….  (I used it on top of a newly fried “Wallenbergare” (The juicy Swedish ground beef of veal “burger” blended with eggs and cream to a very creamy batter. Fried in butter on medium heat) and just served it with some spinach/arugula salad on the side

This will be mine go to butter for this spring! It is so delicious and can be used for so much on any grilled meat, chicken or fish. On just newly boiled small potatoes, as a spread on bruschetta’s… Or just the ramp base blended with pasta and some Parmesan on top. Again, the simple things are the bestJ




Back to Miami and restaurants to remember if you go there (and I happily go to again)


Casa Tua

Juvia (can’t beat the view, sit outside if you can, the noise level inside is too high for me)

Florida Kitchen for lunch

Betsy for lunch or a quite cocktail after dinner

Ice box cafe, (if you are into all kinds of huge American cakes) Books on Books, (not for the food but the actual book store is super)

And when you have had enough of the buzz, the crowds on Lincoln, fluttering white fabrics in white hotels with dark entrances, the tattoo studios, pool side cabanas (again fluttering white fabrics)  enjoy a slow ride along Overseas Highway ( And if any road trip was made to do in a cab this is the one!)

Take the first stop at Henriettes, Key Largo for breakfast. That place is truly special and genuine.

Morada Bay Beach cafe, Islamorada, Not for the food but for the setting and for buying the cover ups you need for poolside lunches to come.

Blue Haven, Key West. Dining in a garden with roosters and kittens everywhere, beans and rice and the best Key Lime pie I have ever had (And I don’t even like Key Lime Pie)

2 cent’s Key West, a gastro pub in a quiet alley with some fun and good food, like the “quack quack nachos” (Duck confit and black beans with cheddar and salsa over nachos) Perfect finger food!


Just remember, when in Key West, avoid Duval Street! That must be the touristic street from hell!


Enjoy the ramps