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Hampton Restaurants

Blåmusslor, bacon och grönmögelost

Det här receptet kommer från Mathias, köksmästare under vår tid på hotellet i East Hampton. Han hade alltid en variation på blåmusslor på menyn. Denna  är det många som rynkade på näsan åt  “what, blue cheese and mussels”  (Det är klart man bör ju gilla just den osttypen och man bör gilla musslor)  Gör du det kommer kanske du också tycka att det är en hit när du väl smakat.

För 4 behöver du:

2 “nät” Musslor

Krutonger (Stek små fyrkanter av ett gott bröd gyllenbruna i smör i en stekpanna)

Roquefortost eller annan grönmögeltyp

2 packet bacon (Rätt hårt stekt i små bitar)

Hackad Persilja

4 dl vitt vin

50 g smör

4dl grädde

2-3 schalottenlökar

2 vitlöksklyftor

Borsta musslorna och ta bort skägget under rinnande kallt vatten. Släng bort alla musslor som är öppna och som inte stänger sig efter det att du knackat lite på dem

Smält smöret i en gryta stor nog att rymma alla musslor. Tillsätt den hackade schalottenlöken och vitlöken och låt fräsa lite under omrörning någon minut.

Häll i vinet, grädden och en handfull grovt hackas persilja.  Låt koka upp. salta och peppra efter smak. Låt koka i ca 5 minuter och lägg sedan ner musslorna. Låt koka under lock i ca 5 minuter  Musslorna är färdiga när

Koka i ca 5 minuter och lägg sedan ner musslorna. Låt koka kraftigt i ca 4 minuter under lock. Titta så att musslorna har öppnat sig och smula ner osten. Lägg på locket en kort stund till så att osten mjuknar en aning.

Lägg upp musslorna i en djup tallrik, strössla över stekt bacon, krutonger och en nypa hackad persilja.

Så enkelt och så gott…. Doppa extra bröd i såsen och drick vad du har lust med


Loneliness, lunch in Sag Harbor and tomatoes

sista tomat 


Last weekend of summer in a seasonal town seems to mean a lot of people trying to squeeze in all of summers expectations in 48 hours –  All things that didn’t happen, all drinks I never got to drink and all places I never had time to go to….

Also misshapps in the rental buisnees. We have several hotel guest staying over the weekend waiting to be able to return to their homes after their rentals will leave on Sunday. Finally, all seasonal workers returning to schools all over the country or to a new job in the city, or another seasonal job in another seasonal town – Leaving the rest of us with a feeling of emptiness or maybe loneliness, a bit like a left over….


Yesterday it seemed like a good day to have lunch in a still very busy Sag Harbor. Maybe the cutest little village out here. Or maybe more correct to say, the village with the biggest year around population and with this comes a bit more of authenticity. This year a lot of additions and/or changes have happened on the restaurant side. One of the new places is Harlow East. (The “Mother ship” in NYC)  Fish tacos, (I won’t eat another one for months and never again the ones with soft corn tortillas) sliders with lobster, tartine with sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes and basil (Basically flat bread) Peconic Bay oysters, a glass of Rose right on a dock with boats around you is always nice and it doesn’t always have to be about the food……

Fish tacos

Longing for routines, school start, children with homework to do and with normal bedtime hours, time to have breakfast while reading a newspaper on line, home cooking and more

A good start is these incredible good (Yes, really!) pickled tomatoes that I made with newly picked tomatoes from the garden. I was planning to do them with horseradish but ended up with star anise after tasting M’s.


Put water with 1 tsp. of salt to boil. Take the tomatoes and cut a small cross on the top of each one. Put them into the boiling water for 30 seconds. Drain and rinse in cold water and peel them (should be easy now)

Do a 1-2-3 brine – Whisk together 1 part distilled vinegar, 2 parts sugar and 3 parts water until sugar is dissolved. Add a handful of star anise and the tomatoes put in a jar in the fridge and leave for ideally 24 hrs. (They will last much longer) How much of each? Depending of the amount of tomatoes you have, but the brine should cover the tomatoes.

Eat as is, or a condiment to meat or fish, have them in a lentil salad or whatever else…


Sunset versus Sunset, 4th of July rain and Skagen röra


4th of July and the rain is pouring down. Our basements are flooded as well as the pond on the other side of 27. It is a good rainy day, hurricane Arthur never hit us with wind.No one is unhappy even though the cable boxes in every other room doesn’t work due to short circuit caused by the rain.

I only feel slightly bad for the ones having planned big outdoor parties.On the other hand – there are bigger problems in the world than having a party on a rainy day. And as a good party planner you always have a safe plan.

Soon there will be a wonderful sunsets again.Two favorite places to enjoy those out here in the Hamptons are Sunset Beach on Shelter Island and Surf Lodge in Montauk.

I recently had dinner at both. With adults, teenagers, kids and babies at Sunset Beach and at Surf Lodge a girl’s night out.

Service – The winner is Surf Lodge. At Sunset Beach you see more of “I just happen to be a waiter/waitress this summer” feeling and “my appearance is more important than you”

Food – You really don’t go for a “food experience” at any of them. But the French inspired Sunset beach is good for what it is. The octopus is perfectly grilled, the Crudité’s is served in a fun, different way. The lobster linguini taste nice even though the linguini is a bit over cooked, the panna cotta had gone sour. But as a whole, a good experience. The menu is kept kind of small. (For me that is a good sign)

Crudites SBBlkäckfisk


At Surf Lodge you find regular seafood as well as Asian influenced food. You can have a fabulous seafood platter to enjoy on the deck looking out over the water. Half a lobster, lobster rolls, spicy edamames , tuna sashimi and a herloim/mozzarella salad, all good. The main courses was a slight disappointment, or more, they were just a bit bland. But again it isn’t about the food.

Surf lodge tomatoes

At Sunset Beach you can really spend a whole day, be on the beach, play table tennis, sit by the fire pit, buy expensive beach dressed in the cute shop and imagine you are in St Tropez. Even the trip there is worth it.To take the little car ferry from North Haven and drive across this lush Island will give you a completely different Hampton experience.

At Surf Lodge, in Montauk, there are all kinds of people in all different ages. Live music, friendly and fun. Later in the evening there is a younger crowd and with it a younger feeling, as well as long lines. If you want to be able to have a conversation while you’re having dinner, go there at 5.30/6 ish and leave right after the sun sets.

Best Sunset? – Sunset Beach

Sunset SB


Tonight, to have as an appetizer in my kitchen, I am doing a “Skagen Röra”. The classic Swedish combination of shrimps, mayo and dill. Created by the famous Swedish restaurateur Tore Wretman and named after a fishing port on the northern tip of Denmark, Skagen. Usually this “röra” is served on a butter fried toast with white fish roe on top. I just do the “röra” and put in a bowl right on the table and another bowl with crisp bread broken into edible size and let guests or family help themselves. Kind of addictive and anyone saying I don’t like Swedish food have not tried this one.

Skagen Röra

¾ pound of peeled shrimps (310 g), cut in pieces , 4 tbsp. of mayo, ½ tbsp. of Dijon mustard, a small red onion finely chopped (can be excluded) 1handful of chopped dill and juice from ½ lemon. Salt and black pepper.



Black Bass on the grill, Kinfolk and a pearl in Montauk


Perfect when you don’t want to work to much with dinner. If you are lucky you just picked it up from incoming fishing boats at the harbour in  Montauk. If you are a bit less lucky you go buy it at a good place. Since this is local fish out here you go for a perch if you are in Sweden. 

Take 1 – ½ black bass, depending on size, cleaned and rinsed, per person.(a good idea could be to get it deboned. Will save you some time)

Fill it with lemon slices, ½ chopped garlic, parsley, eventually some sage, some olive oil and sea salt.  The more generous you are, the better the result. Wrap it real tight in foil and leave out for 30 minutes to give it time to really be infused with all the good stuff in it.

While waiting for a while I am just enjoying my subscription here  and reading about “California Dreaming” I think I want to move to Venice…  By the way, if you don’t have the book The Kinfolk Table – Recipe’s for small gatherings, buy it if you can.  It is a truly special and beautiful book

Put the fish packages on medium hot grill (indirect heat if you use a gas grill)  for around 10 minutes. Flip side after 5 minutes.  Serve as is or just with fresh spinach and a lemon aioli. If you want to enjoy a Thursday glass of wine the bass will go perfect with this Sauvignon Blanc from Alto Adige in the northern part of Italy.

As you know since before, we are now entering the Memorial Weekend. Getting closer and you literally can feel the high energy levels surrounding us everywhere.  Unfortunately it is has been raining heavily and will continue to…  meaning no lawn will be perfect, the flowerbeds will not be weeded and maybe we won’t be able to have the yoga in the garden but I refuse to get in the worked up mood. Stress makes you ill and angry 


If you are out in the Hamptons now try to get one meal here when you are done with your own cooking. 

Swedish Dreams and Aquaponic farming in Sag Harbour


For the first time our “Swedish dreams” looks like a real ‘Dröm” and the simple difference is  ammonium carbonate ( Baker’s  ammonia)  All it took was a Flora – And now we all know that the brittle fragile little cookie called  Dream/Dröm is nothing but a hard nightmare if made with regular baking powder.

Make a big batch and keep in the freezer. With a glass of milk this is a real treat, you really don’t need the seven kinds of cookies a Swedish traditional coffee party rule states…

For Floras Dreams you need

3 ½oz.  (100 g) room temperature butter

1 ¼ cup (3 dl) sugar

2 tsp. Vanilla sugar

1 tsp. Baker’s ammonia

½ cup (1.1 dl) vegetable oil

2 cups ( 5dl)  flour

Beat the butter, sugar and vanilla white and fluffy with an electric mixer.  Add the oil. Mix the Baker’s ammonia with the flour and blend it in on low speed   Make 2 chubby rolls of the dough and cut each roll in 20 pieces. Roll them to balls. Put on sheet pans with greaseproof paper on and bake for 11 minutes in 300 F (150 C)

(If you don’t like to eat cookies you can use them to sprinkle on ice cream)

The “Hampton try out” this Sunday was brunch in Sag Harbour at Page at 63 Main They have been there for long time but have recently taken in new part owners that have invested in an Aquaponic farming system. This gives them fresh and completely organic greens for the restaurant.  In the back of the restaurant they have a green wall for show so you can see how it works. It is both interesting and an impressive investment.

Later on this spring they will open their market / Deli on the street behind.

We had Lobster BLT’s and Lump crab cake Benedict’s. The favorite of the day was, beside the very fresh Aquaponic greens, the Bloody Mary’s. The perfect balance of spices, right amount of ice, fresh selleri as well as lot of grated horseradish and that, for me, is a true sign of quality.


Restaurant open, team work and matjes herring

So, finally we opened the restaurant again. As always when doing things like this you hit some walls…. Like the new fridge benches never arriving, the stove was unevenly lit and went on and off, the compressor for the walk in suddenly died and the new Rational oven never arrived… but we had a deadline and by 5.30 we were open. The first orders came in and at the same time all of us got to taste the new dishes that saw daylight for the first time. One plate for staff and one for guests until the menu was gone through. Usually we do a tasting before service or even the day before a big menu change but the motto of the day was simply “you do what you got to do.”
When the restaurant is finally open you realize how boring it was with it closed, there has simply been no “life” in the hotel, no guests having afternoon tea by the couches in front of the fire place, no people hanging round the bar or in the lounge, it has just been empty , an empty dining room, used as storage for pots and pans.

The evenings most talked about dish was the Matjes Herring with shallots, Västerbotten cheese, Potato, anis cream and pumpernickel dust. (Served on ceramic saucers in different colors) Followed by the Löjroms “taco” (The taco is made of oat bread) with classic condiments.
But the winner of the night was the Crispy Long Island duck breast with green pepper, pickled salsify and sage, served as an entré which I will be giving you the recipe of next week.
Now I am going to start preparing my lamb shanks for tomorrow and think about what a great team I have and how grateful I am.


Another restaurant in East Hampton

Sunday night at Fresno

Ok, I have been here two years ago and at that point thought it was just as most restaurants out here – Not very exciting. If you are into reading reviews before choosing a restaurant you will see that it seems like everyone loves Fresno and that the food is consistent. Top burgers, innovative food and more. Fresno is also a restaurant our guests often make reservations at and that some members of our staff recommend.

The other day someone told me that the burgers really are the best out east. Since it was Sunday night after hectic weekend with soccer games in Smithtown and tennis tournament it seemed like a great idea – Burgers and a glass of Pinot to end a mostly vegetarian week.

The Bar is nice, the dining room is nice and cozy, and a lot of people for a Sunday night dropped in as the evening went by. No risk of being alone in the dining room if you don’t like that. The food? Sorry to say, but my first impression is still valid, the food is nothing to write home about. We tried a chicken liver pate in a jar, with red beets and bread on the side – Chicken liver had a nice texture but a strange metallic taste and the beets tasted soil from not being peeled to 100%.

We also tried one of the specials of the night. Presented as a cauliflower and coconut soup. Out came a creamy soup with an unidentifiable taste. The fried calamari’s (why do you find them almost everywhere?) was just “nothing”
What about the burgers? Good size, perfect medium rare, burnt on the surface, served on a bun with a thick tomato slice, a thick red onion slice and a big pickle on top of it all. Second bun on the side along with a huge pile of fries that had been fried in a well to used oil.
Summary – I won’t go back for the food, and I won’t recommend it for the food, (If the two servers had smiled once that evening I might have gone back anyway) and it will be very long before I try a burger again. If you want a burger – go to Cuddy in Sag Harbor or the local joint Rowdy Hall


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