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A one of a kind cake, and I don’t even eat desserts



There are probably 50 different similar recipes and names on this cake only in Sweden, so imagine in the rest of the world. (I had it for the first time when I was around 10 in a small village up north and the name was, “Amerika Tårta” – America cake) This one is completely different than the other ones I know of. People I know have tried to make me their versions –  Called names like Britta Tårta, Pinocchio, Grand mas best… but sorry. They might have tasted good, but nothing more than a sponge cake with berries and cream.

This one is made in a very simple way, with no  heavy whipping of eggs and sugar as well as it is being baked on low temperature for hours. And it even looks a bit boring when you first take it out…

grund tarta

Stir together (or with electric mixer on low speed) 5.3 oz. (150 g) butter with 1.2 cup (3 dl) sugar. Add 4 egg yolks (save the whites) 1 at the time. Add 1.2 cup (3 dl flour) 2 tsp. baking powder and  2 tbs. real vanilla extract or vanilla sugar. End it by stirring in 3 tbsp. of heavy cream. Spread out evenly on small sheet pan that you have put parchment paper on. If you are more than 6 having it, just double it and use a full size sheet pan.

Beat the egg whites  until they turn from foamy to white and “hard” Add 1 cup (2.2 dl)  sugar and continue beating until white, thick and shiny.(or– until you can turn the bowl  upside down)

Spread out the meringue on top of the cake dough. Bake in the oven on 230 F (110 C) for around 2,5  hrs.

When ready put upside down on parchment paper and leave the bottom paper. Let cool for a while and then peel of the paper. Swop again to the plate you want to serve the cake on.

Cover with soft whipped heavy cream and a lot of berries



Amerik t plate

Easter in the Hamptons and whipped Panna Cotta


Time to plan for Easter and an eventual Easter Party next Saturday. Egg hunting for everyone and then maybe nettle soup, lamb roast on the grill, seller aioli, roasted fennel, green salsa, asparagus, creamy eggs, brown butter and finally a reinvented Panna Cotta

I have a strange relationship with Panna Cotta, on one hand it is the easiest thing you can make for dessert and you can flavor it with anything you feel like; on the other hand it has been the most seen dessert at every conference hotel in Sweden a couple of years ago. You could say that the Panna Cotta reputation has been bad in my world for a while.

Then I had it at this this place.  I have been writing about Il Buco before, and theirs is simply to die for. So soft and creamy and served with a little aged Balsamic on to (they also have another genius desert.  A small drinking glass with homemade vanilla ice cream that the servers just pour a small (hot) espresso over when serving – Affogato.  As always, the simple things in life…

I have been trying to figure out how they can get it so soft and creamy, and after trying several different methods, I have concluded that they simply whip it.

Whipped almond Panna cotta

For 6 persons you will need 2.2 cups ( 5,5 dl) of heavy cream, 2 vanilla beans, 3 gelatin sheets  or equivalent in Agar Agar, 3 tbsp. sugar, 3 tbsp. Amaretto,  some  fresh raspberries, and  some cookie crumbs. Choose gluten free if you want.

Start by soaking the gelatin in water for around 10 minutes.  Open the vanilla bean and scrape out the seeds.  Add to the cream along with sugar.  Heat it up to the boiling point and then turn off, before actually letting it boil.  Take up the soaked gelatin sheets and squeeze the water out.  Add to the cream and stir until dissolved.  Add the Amaretto and pour into a bowl.  Let cool slightly and cover with plastic that you make small holes in.

(To cover will prevent the Panna Cotta to get the yucky rubbery top. The wholes will prevent it from being ruined from condense) Leave in fridge for a minimum of three hours.

In the meantime it is another Saturday at the hotel. The difference today is that everyone is happier and seems to have thrown off a heavy winter blanket that has been covering us all. Even the dogs (always dogs here) seem happier. Just had the most gorgeous one year old, Bouvier de Flandres  in the lounge hanging out with his older and meaner friend, the Cavalier King Charles, who suddenly decided that he owns the place. (Not very appreciated by the “city woman, looking very important,” checking in and being barked at for like two minutes…..)

Before serving, beat if fluffy and soft, by hand or with an electric mixer.  Take glasses (whisky size is perfect) bottom with some raspberries, then some Panna Cotta, cookie crumbs and Panna Cotta again.  OR; Just the Panna Cotta, it is certainly good enough on it’s own.





Kitchen closing, heart problems and chocolate cake

Today is the day we are closing the restaurant for renovation of the floor and some updates on appliance’s. I am looking forward to it since it gives us a lot of time to plan for the upcoming season, menus to come, hire summer staff in addition to our fixed co workers. We will also have the time to come up with new ideas to make the dining experience higher. The goal is to have our guests to always feel that what we do – we do with our heart.

When you don’t feel you have your heart with you –  it is time for a  change.

Same goes with the “real” heart – When it’s not with you – time for a change… In my closest family we have just discovered a heart problem that needs to be taken care of. It’s really so scary, different kinds of deceases hiding in your body and  you are completely unaware of it until something happens. The last couple of years has been a hard lesson learnt with everything from different kinds of cancer to Alzheimer and heart problems. I know, this is life and it will continue to happen and we just have to embrace it and go from where we are right now.

What we can do, is to think about what and how we eat,  and of course minimize the things that are bad for us, cut down on sugar, salt, red meat, by organic, add more greens and fruit, minimize gluten……. But we also have to feed the soul with good things -we need to enjoy life and sometimes we need to just indulge in something soul feeding – cuddle up on the couch with a blanket, candles (always in my home every evening) and this absolutely fabulous chocolate cake. To use real chocolate instead of cocoa powder makes all the difference

Not pretty but so good

Put oven to  392 F/ 200 C

Melt 200 g/ 7 oz of butter together with 200 g/ 7oc dark chocolate of high quality together, put aside

Beat 3 egg yolks with 2.5 dl/ 1 cup sugar until thick and white

Fold in the butter/chocolate mixture,  0.75 dl/ 0.3 cup flour, 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar, 1 teaspoon baking powder carefully.

Pour the batter in to a well greased springform. Put in oven until the top has “stabilized” I would say max 10-15 minutes

Let cool for 30 minutes and take out of form. If eating it now it will be VERY creamy, wait until next day and it will be more like a fudge. Your choice

I will have mine now with some light whipped cream







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