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A Little Gratitude and Rosemary Biscuits (or, The Best of Thanksgiving)


I like thanksgiving – it is all about gratitude and feeling grateful.  No stress, no gifts,  just cooking. There is something comforting and meditative about having the big bird in the oven, and every

15 minutes open it to pour bouillon over it for almost five hours. And all more important, spending time together, having a nice meal and thinking about how much we have to be grateful for (rather than what we are lacking).

Aside from the turkey, my favorite thing on our table this year was rosemary biscuits with whipped oney butter.

The recipe is super easy and doesn’t take more than five minutes.  You can even bake them and freeze them for another day – Imagine your happiness when you find them there on any gloomy morning you need to spice up, or when you need something for the spontaneous dinner party you are planning

For 10-12 biscuits, you will need:

  • 2 cups of all purpose flour.
  • 1 tbsp. baking powder
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • 1 ½ cup of heavy Cream
  • 1 tbsp. sugar (can or maybe should be skipped)
  • 3 tbsp. of melted butter.
  • 1 tbsp. of dried rosemary (optional)

Preheat oven to 425 F. Put parchment paper on a baking pan. Melt the butter in a small saucepan or cup. Set aside.

Mix all dry ingredients well in a large bowl. Fold in the cream. Put the dough on a surface you have flowered and press it to a thickness of ¾ of an inch.  Make rounds, with for example a drinking glass (around 2 inches in diameter (4 cm) Gather the dough scraps and do it all over again until you used it all.

Brush each biscuit generously with melted butter. Bake until golden (around 12 minutes) Serve right away with honey butter, normal butter, jam…

Box of Doughnuts and reviews

Box of doughnuts

Some days I really wonder what I am doing in this business – I love hotels, I love working in them, I love staying at them. (I don’t need anything else on my vacation than a good hotel)  I love to be able to offer an experience that is unique, to come up with new thing to discover for guest, new ways of doing things, add new things, small details, working together with the staff and build the team that makes it all happen. Hopefully well.  Meet guests, talk to guests, figure out what they are looking for and what they want – The list can be made much longer.

Then there are less lovable things. For example when we fail in making someone happy. It could be regarding whatever, in the restaurant or in the hotel.  Usually you know when it happens and you know what happened. And usually you also understand why they are unhappy and if you we can and are lucky we can take care of it here, right on the spot.

These days we always have to bear in mind that every person is a reviewer, a food critic, a hotel critic, a garden critic,  a car dealer critic… I also read the forums (No ,not about car dealers and manicure salons) before booking hotels and restaurants (unless I have other recommendations and I trust the person recommending) and in the best of scenarios they, together with other things, helps me make a choice good for the purpose.

I appreciate that guests take their time to write about their experience but there are what I call, the vicious kind of reviewers – And note, it is note about them writing a bad review, it is writing without being specific, just generalizing and sloppy write things like “ I don’t like the female staff “ or  “  I don’t like that kind of food” (What kind of food?) Or “You should fire  them all”

Ok, maybe someone was rude and maybe someone did a serious mistake that we need to do something serious about.  But if so – Say what it is or call day later, or write a letter explaining.

If I did fire someone after a review of that kind I would be just as bad of a person .So for now everyone is still working and we continue to do the best we can. And I try to get over one boring out of 100 fun days at my jobJ

To celebrate this boring day that keeps getting to  me I’m having brunch at Narcissa in the Standard East Village hotel. Go there and have a “Box of Doughnuts” and a Mimosa when you are in town.

How was it? It was super nice and the doughnuts were great. So was the bagel crisps with salmon spread and the biscuit’s with honey /lavender butter was divine.  And I love that they have a Hudson Valley Farm  and  cow named Narcissa.

Anything bad?  Yes the service was to slow, it took three hours to have lunch. That’s specific, sometimes shit happens and I didn’t write a review, I told them and I will go back.


Swedish Dreams and Aquaponic farming in Sag Harbour


For the first time our “Swedish dreams” looks like a real ‘Dröm” and the simple difference is  ammonium carbonate ( Baker’s  ammonia)  All it took was a Flora – And now we all know that the brittle fragile little cookie called  Dream/Dröm is nothing but a hard nightmare if made with regular baking powder.

Make a big batch and keep in the freezer. With a glass of milk this is a real treat, you really don’t need the seven kinds of cookies a Swedish traditional coffee party rule states…

For Floras Dreams you need

3 ½oz.  (100 g) room temperature butter

1 ¼ cup (3 dl) sugar

2 tsp. Vanilla sugar

1 tsp. Baker’s ammonia

½ cup (1.1 dl) vegetable oil

2 cups ( 5dl)  flour

Beat the butter, sugar and vanilla white and fluffy with an electric mixer.  Add the oil. Mix the Baker’s ammonia with the flour and blend it in on low speed   Make 2 chubby rolls of the dough and cut each roll in 20 pieces. Roll them to balls. Put on sheet pans with greaseproof paper on and bake for 11 minutes in 300 F (150 C)

(If you don’t like to eat cookies you can use them to sprinkle on ice cream)

The “Hampton try out” this Sunday was brunch in Sag Harbour at Page at 63 Main They have been there for long time but have recently taken in new part owners that have invested in an Aquaponic farming system. This gives them fresh and completely organic greens for the restaurant.  In the back of the restaurant they have a green wall for show so you can see how it works. It is both interesting and an impressive investment.

Later on this spring they will open their market / Deli on the street behind.

We had Lobster BLT’s and Lump crab cake Benedict’s. The favorite of the day was, beside the very fresh Aquaponic greens, the Bloody Mary’s. The perfect balance of spices, right amount of ice, fresh selleri as well as lot of grated horseradish and that, for me, is a true sign of quality.


ImageThere are certain things that have a special place in “the food part” in my brain – Corn is one of them. I can day dream about the day when the corn arrives to the farm stands out here; Just on the cob with butter and salt or chilled corn soup,roasted corn, corn puree, corn ice cream (this is a must try to do if you haven’t)

Corn muffins is a fun change from the scones thing as an afternoon treat, for breakfast or, or to dip in a chili. If you really want a “Southern sweet treat” try it with whipped honey butter… They also give me a kind of Easter feeling.

Corn muffins with Jalapeno and walnuts

You will need 1 cup cornmeal, 1 cup all – purpose flour or Gluten free flour. 1/3 cup white sugar, 2 tsp. baking powder, ½ tsp. salt, ½ cup corn oil (or canola) 1 beaten egg and one cup milk. 1 diced jalapeno and some chopped walnuts. This will make around 24 delicious mini muffins!

(1 cup = 2.3 dl, 1/3 cup = 0.7 dl, 5 oz. = 140 g) These muffins is also easy to make gluten free, just change the all – purpose flour to gluten free

Set oven to 400 F (200 C) and prepare paper muffins cups.(or nonstick silpat forms if you have) Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl (skip Jalapenos and or walnuts if you want) Add milk, oil and the beaten egg. Put the batter in the paper cups and bake for around 10 minutes. In the meantime beat 5 oz. (125 g butter with an electric mixer, when fluffy and white ad 1 tbsp. of honey.

On Saturday we are having a lunch/dinner in the afternoon. I really don’t know how we will make room for all 21 guests in our mini house. These corn muffins will be on the table. I in vision everyone together at a long table decorated with a yellow table cloth, ranunculus in different colors in different vases, asymmetric all over the place and a huge old fashioned Easter egg filled with, still warm corn muffins and honey butter on the side. Afternoon become evening and everyone happy after some Rosé, good food and a successful egg hunt for adults, teenagers and children





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