This weekend is the weekend of the yearly event “Much Ado about Madoo” at Robert Dashs’s  Madoo Conservacy  A lovely and stunning garden to visit. The whole Hamptons are filled with spectacular gardens and ARF– Animal Rescue Fund has every year a garden tour you can buy tickets to.  Very simple, you get a map and then you drive around on your own and make your stops, usually five.  At one or two you will be served iced tea and cookies and maybe you are lucky (or not)  to meet the owners and hear them talk about their garden – Very sophisticated with a kind of old fashioned British feeling to it.

If you go to the “after tour cocktail party” at one of the houses, beware –  The ARF people they will come out with adorable rescue dogs with a green scarf saying “adopt me” on – After a cocktail or two it is easy to do so….. (Hey Pheobe)

It is a gorgeous day, the hotel is full and guests are just laying on sunbeds in the sun while we are setting the tables outside for dinner. At home tonight there will be halibut on the grill. Gnocchi with bacon, chili and basil as well as lemon aioli to go with it.

For 4 persons you need 1 package of fresh Gnocchi and 4 pieces of fluke and basil, chili, bacon and the normal ingredients to the Aioli. (And when you do the Aioli, add the lemon juice before the oil even if the recipe says something else) Boil the gnocchi after instructions on the package – Just for minutes in salted boiling water. Rinse in cold water as soon they float up to the surface. Fry 5 slices of bacon crispy and cut in small pieces. Chop 1/2 a chili fruit as well as a big hand full of basil

Right before you plan to put the Halibut on the grill, fry the gnocchi on medium heat in a cast iron pan in olive oil and a knob of butter until golden and crispy. Add the chili and the bacon.

Pat the halibut dry with paper or a towel,  and lay on foil and then on a hot grill for around 4 minutes on  on each side (depending on thickness) Toss the basil into the gnocchi, sprinkle some olive oil and sea salt over.