Sometimes a pizza seems like the perfect choice for a Monday night, or by all means,  as a small cocktail snack on a Friday. This one is far from a soggy, tomato sauce drenched and watery mozzarella pizza – It’s like it’s elegant cousin coming to visit from Milan.

I originally picked it up from my friend Kråke, an amazing foodie and good friend with a big heart and an Inn that has a special place in my heart. You would feel the same if you had been there. Just having a lunch in her kitchen or mingle around the wood burning pizza oven outside while chickens, dogs and peacocks surround you in a bewitching nature,  where you at dusk.  sense elves dancing over the meadows while you sip on a glass of red.

Since I am a bit lazy I usually don’t do my own pizza dough. Instead I go to the best pizza maker in town, at Red Horse Market – I know it is made with love. The best is to get the one for a small (regular size) Pizza. Just gently pulling into the required shape and put on parchment paper direct on the oven rack. Prebake for a couple of minutes on 450 F (225 C)  will prevent the pizza from being soggy.

Roast pine nuts in a cast iron pan until golden (maybe ½ cup for the size of a half sheet pan. Grate Gruyere cheese and blend with sour crème. For a half sheet pan size I would do approximately 2 cups of cheese and about the same of  (maybe a bit more) the sour cream.  Spread out evenly over the pre baked pizza and bake on the same heat until cheese is bubbly – Don’t let it burn!

Top with pine nuts, some arugula, olive oil and sea salt and cut up in “cocktail hour sized bites” or just put the whole thing on the table together with a bowl of arugula, Parma ham and other things you like and let everyone help themselves.