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December 2013

So comforting…. ( and a fabolous dish when you have guests)

Go buy some short ribs, I usually buy 1,5 per person I am cooking for. Make sure you have 1,5 bottle of a red wine you want to cook in at home, as well as 1 yellow onion, brown sugar, meat broth, leaf parsley, potatoes, butter, milk and or heavy cream, truffle or truffle oil as well as a big casserole.

Start by taking the meat carefully off the bones, braise it in butter in a frying pan so they get a nice color. Move them over to the casserole, pour over 1 bottle of red wine, if you are cooking for many you might need more, the meat should be covered. Add a yellow onion cut in pieces and a tbs salt. Leave to simmer slowly under lid for around 3 hours.

In the meantime peel potatoes for the potato cream to be, in the amount you need for your dinner and keep in cold water until it’s time for boiling them

Lift up the meat carefully and put aside. Strain the sauce, put back in the casserole, ad some more wine, 1/2 a cup of brown sugar and some meat broth. Let simmer for around 45 minutes. Add salt and pepper if needed.

In the meantime, chop the parsley roughly and put potatoes to boil in salted water.
When done mash them with a fork or spoon, add warm milk and beat with an electric mixer. Just as you would do a regular mash but think much more creamy and soft. Add salt and a dash of truffle oil. Keep warm.

If you want your sauce thicker add some cornstarch and give a quick boil, finish with a tbs of butter and maybe a little salt. Ad the meat and heat it up carefully. (Don’t panic if it falls apart, that’s the idea and shows you how tender it is)

Put the meat on plates with some sauce and the fantastic truffle scented potato cream, sprinkle over the parsley and just eat and enjoy

So what did we make – “Slowly braised short ribs with truffle potato cream”

Deleted post in Holiday season

Listening to Santa baby with Eartha Kitt and write about Porcini mushrooms is obviously not a good combination –  post accidentally deleted

Friday and Lucia

What the hell do I want for dinner? I have my focus on this years Turkey dinner, you know -the stuffing, the cream gravy, the black currant jelly to go with it… (It actually is the best meal of the year).

Dinner will have to be a question for later, instead I will make some traditional Swedish glögg,

Pour a bottle of red wine in a sauce pan together with 1/2 cup (1 dl) sugar, 18 cloves, 1 cinnamon stick, some whole cardamom pods, 1 vanilla bean and heat slowly over medium heat. Don’t let it come to boil (unless you want a glögg without alcohol of course) Take of heat when sugar is completely melted

Let stand for an hour or two. Taste, add a bit more sugar if needed. I you want it stronger add 1/2 a glass of vodka or cognac.  Heat it up before serving in a small cup or glass. Add some almonds and raisin if you want(super good to to eat with a tea spoon after drinking).

Close you eyes, smell, sip, and be happy and grateful




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